Mitch Watnik's Home Page!

Welcome to my home page.
I am an Associate Professor in the Department of Statistics and Biostatistics and Chairperson of the Academic Senate. E-mail me by clicking here.

I received my Ph.D. in Statistics at UC Davis in 1996. My thesis was on non-nested model selection, a common problem in econometrics and biostatistical modelling. Wes Johnson, who is now at UC Irvine, was my thesis advisor. On the right is a picture of me (right), Wes (left), and my "thesis sister", Julie Yee. You can view my C.V.

I organized the Symposium on Statistics and Operations Research in Baseball. It was on July 11, 2007 here on campus. The View did an article about it (not the best picture of me I hope).

I maintain The Canonical List of Graduate Programs in Statistics.

Mitchell Watnik / e-mail me