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Quiz Questions for Statistics Students

From time to time, with the assistance of colleagues in the Statistics Department, I will post quiz questions in applied statistics and probability on these pages. Usually, you can use methods taught in basic courses to give satisfactory answers to these questions. Intermediate and Advanced questions are so marked.

See what you can do on your own. Then look at the answers. Answers for the newest questions are posted about a month after the question first appears.

Contributions and comments are welcome. Edited by Bruce E. Trumbo, Department of Statistics, CSU Hayward: email btrumto@csuhayward.edu.

Questions Currently Available 

Question 19 : Estimating Population Dispersion From Very Small Samples
Question 18 : Testing the Claims of Theraputic Touch
Question 17 : Bay Area Earthquake Probabilities
Question 16 : Limited Natural Protection Against Sunburn
Question 15 : Probability Models for Rain
Question 14 : An Unexpected "Temperature Effect"
Question 13 : Estimating the Prevalence of a Disease
Question 12 : Squaring a Standard Normal Random Variable
Question 11 : Characteristics of a Small Network
Question 10 : Sample Size and Power for Comparing Two Means
Question 9 : Equivalence of Two Versions of a Quiz
Question 8 : Metabolic Rates of Mice
Question 7 : Microphages Infecting Bacteria
Question 6 : Hypothesis Testing—An Example with Small Errors
Question 5 : DNA Damage—Radiation Damage in DNA
Question 4 : Speed Limits—Safety Issues
Question 3 : Airline Schedules—Flight Times and Distances
Question 2 : Tasting Panel—Judging Tomato Pastes
Question 1 : Election Polling—Clinton vs. Dole

Notice: Most of these problems and answers are copyright by their authors. See the copyright notice at the bottom of each one for information on copyright, permission for use, and acknowledgments.

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