Preprofessional Health Academic Program

Preprofessional Health Academic Program

The PHAP is operated by the College of Science and prepares students interested in health professional careers (medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, optometry, veterinary science, physical therapy and selected allied health programs) for application to these doctoral programs. The program consists of both undergraduate and postbaccaluareate students in different categories (undergraduate majors, second bachelor's degree, and self-support). Students are encouraged to review information on this website to learn more about differences between those categories.

A student interested in entering medicine, dentistry, optometry, pharmacy, physical therapy, veterinary science, or allied health sciences should contact PHAP at the Department of Physics office, North Science 231 (510-885-3401) for information and registration in the program. The office will direct the student to a preprofessional health advisor to discuss individual course needs and counseling about the requirements for admission to professional schools. Information about specific health and veterinary fields, schools, admission requirements, applications, etc., is available through numerous online documents listed under "Links" at this site. The national health professional associations (AAMC, ADEA, AACOM, ASCO, AAVMC, etc.) also have listings of schools which may be linked to from their sites. In addition, brochures and other information about specific schools and programs are available in the Career Development Center in Warren Hall 509.

The Director of PHAP is Dr. Oscar Wambuguh, also a prehealth advisor and assistant professor in health sciences. He holds regular office hours weekly in SCN 113 which can be accessed on the menu at left. It is highly encouraged that prehealth students make an appointment to meet with the advisor as often as necessary. The prehealth advisor engages students in discussions concerning courses, course mix, course load and volunteer, research, and community service opportunities required by many professional schools. Appointments (preferably within the regular office hours) can usually be made by e-mailing

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